renovation works

2. December 2010, Thursday
10° 22' 46" N, 75° 31' 1" W

Considering the fact that the Uts is a few years older than Odin, it is of course clear that she also needs renovation work ;o)
A molar had to be crowned (don't worry, some of the medical practices here are excellent, no comparison with the shipyards).
However, we didn't want the yacht to end up in the mud off Cartagena again, so we dropped anchor about 20 nautical miles further west.
Holon - a place to which not even a real road leads.
To get back to Cartagena we had to take a Lancia. These are primitive, approx. 8 m long boats with huge outboard engines, which race across the sea at full speed in the early morning, approx. 5:30 a.m., before the wind and waves set in. Hard slaps in the small of the back as the boat hits the waves remind us of the fragility of our spines.
We rent a few days in a cute little hotel in the old town and enjoy our last days in Cartagena.