kill food

19. October 2010, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

Fascinated, we look closely at our still alive dinner.
Carefully lurking, two slimy stalked eyes push themselves out of the fortified dwelling.
An oversized claw moves in slow motion and pushes this surreal creature, including its fortress, forward.
From this perspective, the animal looks like it is from a picture by Hieronymus Bosch.
Hollywood specialists could not have invented an Alian monster scarier.

We've been wondering all along: How do you actually slaughter such a conch snail?

Although we have eaten this delicacy several times and in different variations, we had not yet figured out how to remove the animal, which is so beautiful on the outside and so ugly on the inside, with its delicious meat from the immensely thick shell.

Now we know!
Thanks to the two New Yorkers Alex and Iris who spent a few days with us and their yacht Alaeris here in the east of the San Blas Archipelago.

The life story of other blue water sailors is always interesting:
Alex is originally from Germany, but immigrated to the USA with his parents as a teenager, later founded a successful advertising agency in New York and exchanged it for freedom under sail a few years ago.
Iris lived in the "Big Apple" for 16 years and eventually got fed up with life as an interior designer - and so the two of them now live mostly in Central America and the Caribbean on their yacht or in their house in Costa Rica.
They don't know yet if they will ever sail around the world, but who knows, maybe we'll meet them again someday in another distant country.