food shortage

6. September 2010, Monday
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We don't want to, but we have to leave our island paradise at short notice, because we're slowly but surely running out of provisions. Only lobster and fish is nothing for a German stomach ;o)
The two islands of Nargana and Akuanusatupu, which are connected by a bridge, are close to the mainland, directly at the estuary delta of the Rio Diabolo.
What a difference from the islands out at sea. The Indians here have decided to give up their traditional way of life and open up to civilization.
American missionaries attacked these people like a plague and proclaimed the “good news” of Christianity.
Incredible five churches of various sects, such as Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, Free Evangelicals, etc. with the associated Christian ecstatic crackpots, are here to catch souls.
(Incredible - five churches but only one "bar-restaurant-pub").
Why not let the Kunas believe what they have been doing for centuries?! Haven't we learned anything from history???
Instead of fish, bananas and coconuts, the "blessings" of western civilization are now being enjoyed wrapped in plastic.
But what to do with all the rubbish?
Perhaps it would be a meaningful task for the "preachers of the good news" to make it clear to the people here that a plastic bottle has a different decomposition time than a banana or a coconut shell that you simply throw into the sea. In spite of everything, the Kunas here are incredibly friendly and we enjoy the “civilization” first.
We do laundry, shop at the local supermarket with parking right outside (hahaha kidding, there isn't a single car on the island), fill up our water tanks and enjoy the modest supply of fresh fruit and veg.