Rio Necuesa

26. August 2010, Thursday
Position unbekannt

We glide silently with our dinghy through the slow-moving water of the Rio Necuesa.

We switched off the engine and paddle through the jungle river on the Panamanian mainland.
The background noise is amazing.
However, you hardly get to see anything of their originators, the parrots, monkeys, etc. Of the crocodiles that live here in the river, you only see the rising air bubbles in the murky waters. Mangrove trees with gigantic roots, aerial roots that seem to grow down from the sky. The incredible vegetation and the intoxicating scent of the jungle enchant us.
There was no sign of human life except for a few Indians coming towards us in a dugout canoe.

Centuries ago, the conquistadors must have felt something similar in their search for Eldorado (except that in their greed they would have immediately Christianized, killed or enslaved the oncoming Indians).

We anchored with Odin near the mangrove shore of the forest to experience the spectacular jungle concert as intensively as possible every night. A concert that has been performed for thousands of years - a real long-running hit and we are the only guests. Fantastic!