11. July 2010, Sunday
Position unbekannt

For days I've been stuck with the slightly modified chorus of a pretty stupid tic tac toe hit from the 90s.

"I feel like shit...
really sha sha sha shit..."

So for almost 50 years I lived under the most adverse climatic conditions in Germany and, apart from a few colds, I never had a major cold worth mentioning.

Now that I live in warm climes, I've been feeling really shitty for days.
Headaches, all joints hurt, hungry like a wolf but no appetite, I almost only eat pills with the result that my stomach waves the white flag after all the medication. As soon as I run a few meters I'm as exhausted as Johannes Heesters after a marathon. Well, let's not even talk about the back pain.

Luckily I have my personal mother Theresa on board with my Kapitana, who resolutely wields the scepter and takes care of me and the ship.
I hope she doesn't take it personally if I can't get down the "light food" she cooked ;o))