gourmet places

10. June 2010, Thursday
12° 34' 52" N, 81° 41' 59" W

I'm sitting in my favorite restaurant, Sol y Sombra, or Dirty Spoon for short.
I watch the scene and think to myself: Bühring, you have a strong stomach!
Soup, main course plus drink for the equivalent of 1.70 euros. (Of course you can't make any demands on hygiene!)

I watch the rather stout black cook as she wipes the plastic tablecloths with a dirt-soaked rag, presumably to spread the dirt more evenly.
Then she dries the cutlery with the good piece.

As I spoon down my "tasty" soup that looks like cleaning water, another "restaurant worker" catches my eye.
She grabs the metal drink cup and dips it into a rotten plastic cool box with the entire hand she uses to collect the cash all the time.
Not to wash her hand, but to fill the cup for me, which she immediately places on the table with a patronizing smile.
I order a Coke!

One look around at the other gourmets and I am fascinated by the speed at which the islanders stuff their food in.
Although loud and lively conversations mean that most of the food falls from the mouth onto the table or plate, every portion is eaten up in a snap. Respect!

Needless to say, the kitchen isn't exactly the latest high-tech creation, but it's still tasty.

Maybe a word about the Caribbean toilets...... or rather not.

In any case, after visiting such a local gourmet temple, I proudly state: Bühring – you have a stomach like a prison ;o)))