Oops gone

5. May 2010, Wednesday
12° 34' 33" N, 81° 42' 19" W

It was planned from the beginning that Uts would fly to Germany for about 2 months from the beginning of May to take care of some personal things.
Only from where it flies, was not yet clear. On the Cayman Islands, the choice fell on San Andres.
If I'm honest, there would certainly have been nicer places than this Central American Mallorc
But at least we're almost out of the hurricane belt here, because the season already starts in May/June.

After taking Uts to the airport yesterday, I guess I'm a straw widower now...
Well then, let's make the best of it.
Odin anchors in front of the harbor promenade, surrounded by dreamy little palm islands, rotten fishing boats and flooded shipwrecks.

The next time I want to use it to do the work that has been done and to get some spare parts.
Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out!