30. April 2010, Friday
12° 30' 22" N, 81° 42' 58" W

What is 70 km/h for an amazing speed!

Due to the leisurely gliding under sails, we are simply no longer used to such rocket-like speed noise.

We are in San Andres, Providencia's sister island about 130 km southwest of it.

What a difference to the relaxed life on the previous island. San Andres is the Mallorca of South America, noisy, hectic, touristy.

That's too much for us for the first few days. We rent a scooter and whiz at the speed of light of said 70 km/h - but usually much less - over San Andres (in three hours we were completely around the island twice ;o)

But still, there are quiet corners away from tourism here too. Nature, stoned Rastas, freshwater lakes with crocodiles and lots of easy going. Or as a Rasta told us: "Welcome to Paradise Island and relax so you will find what you are searching for"! Spoke and dragged on his joint with glassy eyes and a happy smile ;o)