sensory overload

8. April 2010, Thursday
19° 21' 9" N, 81° 6' 33" W

Man, those ugly skyscrapers - we both thought when we had the Cayman Islands in front of our bow after 8 weeks in Cuba after a rough crossing.
When you get closer, the post-socialist-looking blocks of flats turned out to be no less than seven huge cruise ships. Day after day, here in Georgetown, they spit out their red-skinned and mostly overweight North American cargo. Shopping terror!!!

After 2 months of Cuban shortage economy, we are totally hyper from sensory overload at first. There are no taxes on the Cayman Islands and so many of the world's rich have smuggled their wealth here, bypassing the tax authorities.
The range of luxury goods and of course knick-knacks for tourists is correspondingly large.
We almost ask ourselves who needs all this, hey presto, the consumer society has caught up with us again and we're flattening our feet while shopping.

And now let's be honest - between us - is there anything nicer than, for example, a full supermarket?!