15. March 2010, Monday
23° 8' 25" N, 82° 21' 12" W

Somehow in Havana we have to think of lebra, a disease that causes people to rot alive.

Havana is alive and yet the revolution has been rotting away for over 50 years.

The make-up for the tourist core in the old town cannot change that.
But the houses renovated for foreigners show the former splendor and splendor of this city.
However, not only do we have the opportunity to compare, but also the Cubans who live in the dilapidated, rat-infested houses!

The tourist lacks "almost nothing" while the population itself is treated as second class citizens by their government.
So it is not surprising that many use the only, albeit illegal, way to improve their lives: tourists!

All foreign exchange goes directly to the government, but many are trying to get a piece of this pie illegally.

We are chatted up more than 100 times a day whether we need cigars, rum, private rooms, private restaurants, private taxis, etc.

It is true that these smugglers are taking a high risk, because the police and secret police, who are spread all over the city like locusts, naturally want the money to stay with the state, which owns everything anyway.
In the state-run hotels in Havana, the staff is hugely underqualified, but for the most part "professionally unfriendly".
We often hear in restaurants, after ordering from the menu, that this or that isn't available today, even though there are 2-3 menus to choose from anyway. is very "manageable".
So shortage economy even in the tourism sector!

We get an idea of how much the people suffer from 50 years of revolution, the system, and the idiotic US trade embargo.