Trinidad de Cuba

9. March 2010, Tuesday
21° 48' 19" N, 79° 58' 10" W

I'm sure you can imagine how hungry we are for some city life after all this time in the solitude of the archipelago!

Fresh market vegetables, theater and concert visits, disco nights and excursions we enjoy life in civilization.

We took the bus from Cienfuegos to Trinidad, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.
A stroke of luck for the town, because since then it has been renovated like crazy.
Typical are the beautiful old crooked cobblestones, for which you almost need climbing equipment.
Tourism has already found its way here and the prices are many times more expensive than in the cities that are still untouched by tourism.

However, like everywhere in the world - the market determines the prices and everyone tries to get a piece of the pie. From knick-knacks to cigars, handicrafts and painting, everything is on offer.
Nevertheless - the town is beautiful and should you ever come to Cuba, then visit Trinidad.
It's not an insider tip, but it's always nice - especially away from the renovated city center - where life still takes place without tourism.