Dominican Republic far away from tourism

2. February 2010, Tuesday
18° 17' 16" N, 71° 18' 34" W

We laze away the days on a palm-fringed black lava beach, swimming and enjoying beach walks while Odin rocks gently in the swell.
It's Saturday and we headed towards Las Salinas to meet Eva and Bernie from Kismet again.
After all the quiet days at anchor, it's now Saturday night fever in our favorite village.
We end up in a side street at a wooden kiosk and order a bottle of rum with coke and ice for the equivalent of four euros (even uts' stomach is now resistant to the alleged bacteria in ice cubes)
The loudspeakers blare at full volume while the landlord cuts his toenails and watches a muted Brad Pitt history ham on TV.

There is more going on behind the counter than in front of it. A relative has pearls plaited into her rustic locks, while the hairdresser with the comb keeps her teeth clean.

It's late in the evening, but there are still lots of children playing in the street.
It's loud, it's colorful, it's lively, it's pure Caribbean! Caribbean away from all-inclusive tourism.