Africa in the Caribbean

23. January 2010, Saturday
18° 46' 42" N, 71° 42' 1" W

The increase of poor is:
poorer, poorest... Haitians in the Dom.Rep.

Although the population of the Dominican Republic is certainly not blessed with wealth, it is difficult to describe what Haitian "guest workers" await here.
It is a status below slavery!

In half-rotten shacks, staring with dirt, Haitian farm workers are treated almost like serfs by the Dominican Republic. treated.

Deepest Africa in the middle of the Caribbean!

Even if the eyes of the world public have been on Haiti for a few weeks due to the terrible earthquake, in a few months this country and its people will be just as forgotten as the victims of the tsunami catastrophe in South a few years ago -East Asia.

The lack of prospects for Haitian farm workers will also be one of the few things in this country that has continuity, along with nepotism and corruption.