Hard trip!

10. January 2010, Sunday
18° 17' 49" N, 71° 2' 35" W

"There's no question of turning away, we've set the course and we're going through it!"

At this moment uts looks quite determined, but the next moment her face turns all the wonderful colors of a pale rainbow, making me wonder how much longer she can go without sharing her lunch with the fish.
(But she was probably stingy!) ;o)

But first things first:
The weather was good, the forecast was correct, easterly wind at 20 knots and 2-3 m waves. So we set course towards the Dominican Republic. First half wind with side waves - later then close to the wind with cross seas - which shook Odin and us badly.
The yacht shoots out of the wave with full force and thunders back onto the water, weighing tons.
Well, it certainly wasn't a coffee party. Turning off towards Cuba would probably have made things easier, but uts really wanted your detox course.

After exactly 72 hours we land in Punta Salina - a dreamy fishing village on the south coast.
Fantastic - we were the only cruising yacht and enjoyed these wonderful days.
Now that we are back in civilization and have access to the internet, we will of course keep you up to date with regular reports.