The greatest navigational error in history!

16. January 2010, Saturday
18° 30' 1" N, 69° 55' 40" W

In 1492 a man in Spain set out with a small armada of sails to find the western route to India.

Actually, he only navigated himself and believed to have landed in western India (that's why the Caribbean islands are still called "West Indies").

On this voyage, Columbus accidentally discovered the island of Hispaniola, today's Haiti/Dom. Rep. and this was the prelude to one of the greatest genocides of all time.

The extermination of the Carib Indians, the extermination of entire North American Indians, the enslavement of millions of Africans. All of this can be attributed to the discovery of Christopher Columbus.

Nevertheless, the sailor's greed for gold and navigational error is celebrated and for his ashes the most megalomaniac and ugly mausoleum imaginable was built in Santo Domingo.

Nonsense cast in concrete for which the state can hardly find the electricity to operate these days.
But Santo Domingo is more:
The city is a giant juggernaut where good and evil try to survive.
Away from the poverty and the slums, the colonial past is kept alive and somehow the old town reminds me of Malta.
Santo Domingo is not a city we would like to live in forever, but the impressions we get here are definitely impressive, both positively and negatively.