moments of happiness

27. December 2008, Saturday
28° 17' 58" N, 15° 50' 12" W

Is there anything nicer than sailing into a new day!?
You feel the power of the wind as it propels your boat, watch the play of the waves rising on the horizon as they have for hundreds of millions of years. The sun shines gold and drives away the darkness and the cold of the night with its rays.

In these moments I feel as one with my ship and the sea.
These are moments of happiness that no money in the world can buy!

Odin is running at 20 knots half wind, 120 degrees south-west, towards Las Palmas.
I'm in the cockpit, singing with Rod Steward (albeit quite wrong)
Sailing in a race, restart the CD over and over again and enjoy my life.

There was a weather window, which I wanted to use to leave Tenerife at 6 am to spend the remaining days with friends in Las Palmas until New Year's Eve.