Rudi on board... with a surprise

19. December 2008, Friday
28° 0' 54" N, 16° 40' 3" W

If you ever wanted to see a silly face, it would have been possible on board the Odin on the evening of December 17th.
Friend Rudi didn't come alone, but as a surprise, he brought an old buddy and friend with him, with whom I've done several hundred forays through Würzburg's nightlife.
Suddenly Ingo Klünder was sitting when I was unaware of checking in at the Marina del Sur
returned to Las Galettas with his characteristic wide crook's grin in the cockpit.

Well, I would have liked to see my face!

In any case, Rudi managed this surprise and I was very happy about this spontaneous visit.
Now there are 3 days of fun on the program
The boys don't want to let their old buddy take the opportunity to spoil their old friend again for Christmas with the best that the island has to offer. (Rudin only knows culinary things of course!)
An absolute dream and one of the most beautiful and tasteful hotels I have ever seen is the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque.
Rudi hadn't promised too much!
The French kitchen was a dream. 11 courses and one better than the other.
LUXURY IS SOMETHING COOL! (At least every now and then!)
If you're ever in Tenerife, check out the shed and go eat there.