soul Reaper

11. November 2008, Tuesday
28° 29' 16" N, 13° 52' 12" W

For most people, the Canary Islands are an archipelago of eternal spring off Africa's west coast.
Holiday home for party and relaxation.
For others, however, they mean a jump towards freedom.
From here Columbus started to discover America and from here almost all yachts in the direction of the West Indian Islands or South America start.
The dream of living under sail and palm trees often ends here for many.
And so in every port you will find abandoned yachts whose crews have overstretched themselves financially or otherwise and whose dreams are now rusting away at anchor.
Anyone who lives on a yacht will attest that it has a soul, so these abandoned ships just make me sad.
How great was the euphoria when preparing for the trip?
How great the joy at the start - and how devastating the task of the project?!
In the ports that are free you will also find the low-budget sailors who want to fulfill their dream of eternal freedom with their soul sellers and with a lot of enthusiasm.
Better now, with a lot of improvisational talent and some deprivation, than never.
According to the motto: No money into the world. Somewhere we will find a way to finance our lives!

Respect for them and their little old often self-built sailors.
May their dreams not end in some port in the Canary Islands, enlarging the fleet of lost souls.