Forrest Gump

11. December 2008, Thursday
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Most of you know this movie scene:

Forrest Gump sits pensively on a park bench next to an old lady and, while looking at a box of chocolates, says:

"Mom says life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

And so life on board also offers exactly these surprises, which are sympathetic
simple-minded movie character says.

When I picked Stefanie up from the airport 3 days ago, she had one ready for me:

She would like to go back to Germany as soon as possible to do a medical internship and possibly study medicine.
In any case, at the moment she is of the opinion that she has to re-sort her emotional level.
It can't be that life is just for fun.

I can see the question marks above your heads right now, but believe me, mine are a lot bigger!

Anyone who lives with a loved one for 5 wonderful years (of course with the usual ups and downs) believes they know them.
Nevertheless, apparently each of us is also such a box of chocolates that is full of surprises.
I am unspeakably grateful for this time, for the love, the fun and the adventures, but also for the courage that Stefanie showed, such a decision to make such a decision, almost at the starting line in our real dream areas.

It remains to be seen how she will decide after the internship and whether she will come back on board.
Let's wait and see, it's entirely your decision.
The only important thing is that she is happy, because only those who are happy can share this happiness with other people.
This was exactly what we lived together for almost 5 years.

Despite everything, we had 3 wonderful, partly funny, in love and yet also very painful days on board our Odin in Las Palmas, which certainly didn't make the separation any easier.

For me this journey will definitely continue, I want to sail our Odin around the world and get to know all these wonderful places of this unique blue planet that I have dreamed about for so many years.

What will happen on the emotional level, I let myself be surprised, because:

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."