Century Tower in Gibraltar

15. October 2008, Wednesday
Position unbekannt

Days after the hurricane, Gibralta marinas are still buzzing with excitement.
We're talking about the "storm of the century". There is very serious damage to boats that have sought shelter in the harbor, because there, due to the mountain, 81 (!) knots were measured at the top. Also, not just one, but two freighters were damaged in the storm, whose oil slicks are now ensuring that the marinas are temporarily closed.
Nothing works anymore - rien ne va plus!
We can't get in and those who are in can't get out. So we are still at our anchorage, which is quite dirty from the storm, where, by the way, a cruiser with his sailing ship sank at anchor that night and had to be rescued by helicopter.
After two days we have actually already forgotten everything and we enjoy Gibralta.
We do tourist sightseeing with the crews of the Einland and the Dorasy, who arrived the day after us from Marbella. We are totally fascinated by "The Rock", as the English call the huge rock here. It has always been of immense strategic importance, since the entire Mediterranean Sea is controlled from here.
If it weren't for the palm trees, you'd think you were somewhere in the UK (including the restaurants, unfortunately!)
Of course, we also took the opportunity to visit the Rock itself and its famous Barbary apes, by the way, the only free-living "wild" monkeys in Europe.
A legend says: As long as the monkeys populate the Rock of Gibralta, it belongs to England.
In 1944 a plague wiped out all but two of the monkeys.
Superstitions aside, Winston Churchhill had over 40 macaques imported from British zoos and released. Yes, and these 40 have of course diligently multiplied for the good of England.
Snotty louts who are not shy and are totally fun to watch.
Despite all trust, one should always remember that these are wild animals and do not touch them. (Which is still incredibly irritating.)
It was great fun on this gigantic rock and a real experience to be able to see from Europe to Africa.
A typical English restaurant ended this day full of new impressions.
Forgotten are storms, insomnia and rocking.
Life is Beautiful!!!