They lied - the meteorologists

6. October 2008, Monday
37° 40' 30" N, 0° 13' 11" W

In terms of their reliability, sea weather forecasts hardly differ from normal weather forecasts.
For days the weathermen from Algeria, Spain and France, who are all responsible for this sea area, have been promising us 20 to 25 knots of wind from the east, which would allow us to fly to Gibraltar.
But in reality, the wind is from the south, at five knots, not enough to set the Odin's 15 tons in motion.
So we use our iron sail for a few hours every day, i.e. our engine, and get to know one city after the other on the Costa Calida.
But to be perfectly honest, there hasn't been anything really exciting yet.
Ore mines, some of which have been shut down, and huge vegetable plantations, under plastic tarpaulins, in front of a gigantic mountain backdrop characterize the rather monotonous coastal landscape.