Spanish course

8. October 2008, Wednesday
37° 11' 1" N, 1° 49' 1" W

Would you like a small Spanish course?

ENGLISH: Good morning, please excuse the early disruption, but an ocean liner is about to dock here in the harbor and we need the entire anchorage to manoeuvre.

SPANISH: (loudly and intensively activating the ship's horn!!!) Quick, quik, quik – go – grande braco – quik, quik!

Well, Spanish is that simple!
The reason for this language course was the fact that we are still anchored in Garrucha at the back of the industrial port waiting for the right wind.
The port police were kind enough to give us this Spanish lesson for free at five o'clock this morning.
After almost two hours the maneuver was over and we were able to anchor again. The sweet sounds of loading thousands of tons of iron ore were the music to fall asleep to.
To be honest, we prefer the fishermen who arrive at the crack of dawn.
That still has something of romance! But iron ore?!
Well, tomorrow there should be a lot of wind from the right direction, assuming:
They didn't lie to us - the meteorologists!