culture excursions

14. September 2008, Sunday
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Oh yes, dear ones, what should I tell you, we are somehow still "stuck" in Mallorca and can't make the jump.
We rented a car for a few days with Michi from the "Cirque du Solei" to get to know the picturesque villages inland, which, as many say, are the real charm of this largest of the Ballearic Islands.
We started in the big city of Palma de Mallorca, which its residents simply call “Ciudad”, the city.
We stroll through the beautiful old town for hours until our feet hurt.
Having arrived on the ship happy and tired, the boys decide to expand today's cultural program to include El Arenal at night.
I was hesitant at first, looking for excuses not to come along, after all we observed the whole thing from afar enough.
I'll make it short:
But I came along: Bierstrasse, Schinkenstrasse, Bierkönig, Oberbayern, currywurst from the grill master and the young professional Costa Cordalis with “Anita” live at the RIU Palace. Actually the full horror program.
Nevertheless, we had such a great time on our cultural excursion that the sun was already rising when we arrived back at our anchor bay.
Only Bertel thinks he urgently needs psychiatric treatment now, Costa Cordalis has taken him so badly. :)