16. September 2008, Tuesday
39° 42' 39" N, 2° 37' 25" E

Desert winds brought a heat wave up to 40°C last week.
The weather has turned north for three days and we are freezing at a polar 26°C, well, at least we are quite fresh.
To be honest, it's nice to cover yourself up at night and not stew in your own juice.
Ideal weather for our trip inland.
What a difference to the concrete-built coastal regions.
Valldemossa, a dreamy village in the west of the island, is a real gem, a diva and she seems to know it too, at least that's how it seems when this little town nestles proudly into the landscape.
I would never have thought that Mallorca would still be so green at this time of year, at the end of summer.
A dense forest of conifers gives us the feeling of being somewhere in the mountains of Austria or Switzerland.
After all the months in Southern Europe and in dry Africa, your eyes just can't get enough of this idyllic landscape.