Valetta - what a city!

8. June 2008, Sunday
35° 53' 59" N, 14° 31' 0" E

A huge melting pot of history and culture. A mixture of Arabic, Italian, Greek and above all British influences.
Legendary palaces next to dilapidated residential buildings. If we didn't know 100% that we were on Matlta, we would swear we were in Havana.
We could browse the streets for days and constantly discover new and old things that try to tell us their story.
Bertel is very impressed by the typical 1950s buses, which still do their job reliably today. We are just as fascinated by the old pub signs, which have certainly seen better and more glamorous times in the narrow side streets.
We ourselves have seen so much and yet nothing of this fantastic city and island.
One thing is for sure, we will stay here for some time to soak up as much of the allure of Malta as we can.