30. May 2008, Friday
35° 29' 54" N, 24° 0' 55" E

Of course it is a wonderful life under sail to explore the most beautiful places and locations. Sometimes, however, I wish in between to be a normal package tourist. Especially when we are in tourist spots like Rehtymnon.
What a difference to Irakeion, which exudes the charm of Frankfurt's train station district.
The old town of Rethymnon exudes the charm of many Mediterranean cities, yet it is simply magical and unique in its own way. Boutique follows boutique, one more loving than the other. You could shop senselessly without end, simply shop and indulge in the consumer terror ruthlessly!
Only where to go with all the stuff on the ship when the clothes, crockery and other cupboards are full to the brim anyway and you hardly ever need most of them anyway and the need for clothing is also limited.
Oh how good it is for package tourists.
In the old town there is also one unusual restaurant after the next, each individual and simply hearty. You can spend weeks here without getting bored.