What we have in abundance here

13. September 2020, Sunday
11° 5' 32" N, 119° 23' 49" E

We are still not allowed to leave the island of Palawan because of the corona virus.
But honestly ... why should we?

We did well in this crazy and weird time.
Since it is typhoon season at the moment , we planned to spend this dangerous time here anyway, because Palawan is not so affected by this dangerous storms like the Rest of the Philippines.
As wonderful as it is here, there is still a drop of sadness.
If a technical problem arises and you need spare parts, you're really screwed here. Apart from accessories for small 125 ccm motorbikes made in China or Japan, you don't get anything in El Nido!
To call the local post slowly would be an exaggerated compliment. The next possibility to have something sent with DHL is in Puerto Princessa.
So we order yacht spare parts that are extremely rare here in the Philippines, in Europe, the USA or Australia and have them sent to Puerto Princesa, which is about 5-6 hours away by car.
This gives us the chance to receive the coveted part after just 4 -5 weeks.
Hey, before you get the wrong impression ... no, I'm not complaining. After all these years you have got used to this fact. Besides, what the heck?
When we have one thing in abundance it is ….. Time. ;)