25. May 2024, Saturday
6° 53' 14" N, 116° 51' 32" E

Such a journey on your own ship through the exotic countries of this world brings with it every amount of experience.

Good and bad.

Especially when it comes to bringing the ship out of the water ashore every one to two years to carry out any maintenance work that needs to be done, such as antifouling, painting or repairs.

While in your home country you can rely on experience and professionally trained specialists, in tropical countries it is more of a kind of Russian Roulette.

My goodness…

Anyone who can hold a screwdriver the right way around is a professional mechanic or electrician and often you will experience unpleasant surprises.

But sometimes they are also very pleasant.

For example, during the shipyard stay in Kudat at the north east tip of Borneo this year.

Actually, the shipyard is for fishing boats and therefore the crane out is very cheap, but for working on a yacht the coarse "mechanics" are conceivably unsuitable.

But sometimes they are also very pleasant.

For a few years now, word has been getting around in the sailing scene, which I have tried this time.

Tommy Chung!

Belive me, ever before have I seen a Southeast Asian work so quickly, reliably and conscientiously like Tommy Chung. 

At Odin, not only the antifouling was renewed, but also the hull was painted and some other "cosmetic operations" and little repairs were carried out.

After some negative experiences in this regard worldwide, it was clear to me after a short time that the man knows his craft and I can trust him.

The trick was then to just let Tommy do it, relax and trust that he has more experience than me. 

All in all, I am more than satisfied with the result and the time (17 days) in which all the work was done and Odin looks like new again. Even more beautiful. ;)