True friendship is...

24. February 2024, Saturday
9° 53' 54" N, 118° 48' 36" E

...when no distance or many years can change the fact of this connection.

I can hardly count how many parties we celebrated together in Germany, which sometimes got so out of hand that we dont can often   remember it. But everything has its time, I wouldn't want to miss this time for anything in the world, but life and priorities change. 

However, as mentioned, one thing endures and that is true friendship.

Since the beginning of this journey, my friend has visited me on Odin at least once a year almost every year. Over the past 18 years, it didn't matter where in the world I was traveling, no journey was too far for Rudi.

Logically, there is a lot to talk about, memories are refreshed over a sundowner in the evening and we are damn glad that there were no cell phones with cameras back then and there were bored people who would post every bit of shit on the internet.

Oh yes...the youth of today celebrates differently than we do. They glue themself on the streets or they are busy trying to figure out which of the 7287568 genders they belong to.

Anyway, back to Rudi. I'm happy that my best friend is part of the Odin crew for a few weeks a year and during this time I can show him places in the country I'm currently in that don't have a package holiday to book.