Tired of civilization!

30. December 2023, Saturday
9° 54' 23" N, 118° 49' 44" E

Before we knew it we were in the “Marina” Abanico Yacht Club of Puerto Princessa for almost a month.
As nice as life in the sailing community sometimes is, at some point it's enough and we're drawn back into solitude, especially since we don't feel the slightest desire to shoot fireworks and sing funny, drunken karaoke until the early hours of the morning.
So we set course towards Honda Bay, east of Puerto Princessa. By the way, the name has nothing to do with the car or motorcycle brand, but is derived from the Spanish Honda Bahia (deep bay).
Deserted islands and luxury resorts, there is something for everyone, although we naturally tend towards the former.
The way there is again against wind, waves and current, it is definitely the wrong time of year to sail eastwards against the monsoon.

Makesi is our first island. Palm trees, fishing boats and white beach. It should be exactly like this. However, there is a strong swell on the island that gives us the feeling of sitting drunk on a Hollywood swing. Short shore leave and to the next island.
There are noisy tourists here who come here from the land in small charter boats. Nice...but nope...that's not it either.

On an aerial photo we find a great photo of an island. A comparison in the navigation maps gives us details. BINGO! Quiet anchorage and not a soul.
We will spend the 17th New Year on Odin here this year.
What could be nicer?!
We wish you dear ones a happy new year and less madness than 2023.