Unvaccinated does not protect against Corona either ;)

8. May 2023, Monday
5° 58' 1" N, 116° 3' 23" E

. If it were up to the worst Minister of Health in the worst government in the history of the Federal Republic, it would be up to Prof. Dr. Rotten Tooth Lauterbach we would be stone dead without vaccination! 

Luckily nobody takes the weirdo seriously anymore! 

And we as troublemakers, Nazis, swaggerers and Corona vaccine refusers caught the virus after 3 years. 

Our trip to the lonely beaches and small resorts along the north coast of Borneo ended a few days ago in Kota Kinabalu. 

We were looking forward to the great luxury marina there and, for a change, to the air-conditioned shopping center with countless restaurants. Believe me, after all the loneliness of the past few weeks, you really long for it. In the evening we meet our sailing friends from Exit Strategy who spontaneously invite us to eat pizza on board. Of course, a few beers couldn't be missing either, but I haven't had such a hangover since my party heyday. I felt like after the legendary nights of partying, with the difference that I wasn't feeling any better the next morning either. 

You know the feeling where you, as a lonely cowboy, just want to be left lying with your saddle and your dead horse at the bend in the river. 

When Frel, who doesn't drink alcohol at all, also suffered from hangover symptoms, it was clear something wasn't right. For the first time in life we ​​did a corona test and bingo! Wonderful, now we are in the great marina, wanted to enjoy the luxury resort life, instead we hang around sweating with a "pseudo hangover" on board and wait for this stupid flu to subside and we can finally plunge into the big city hustle and bustle.