Rudi on board - Part 16

8. February 2023, Wednesday
11° 6' 10" N, 119° 25' 56" E

The winds have turned north-east as usual at this time of year and have actually been ideal for sailing towards Borneo for a few weeks now.
Almost three years in the Philippines are enough for now, and I also have a few minor repair and maintenance jobs to do (the years take their toll) that we want to do in Malaysia. My trust in Filipino doctors is not as high as their prices. ;)

My best and longtime friend Rudi, who has visited me almost every year since the beginning of this trip in 2007 in the most remote places in the world and also did so last year in this wonderful island world of Palawan, really wanted to experience the magic of these islands again.
So we extended my visa, postponed doctor's appointments and departure and were happy to have Rudi on board again.

As always, these are stress-free days.
Hardly any restaurant visits, no bars, discos or parties, just the quiet life that we usually lead on board and which our friend enjoys so far away from Europe and the constraints of the highly civilized and often stressful society.