Life is too short for lockdowns!

14. April 2021, Wednesday
11° 14' 5" N, 119° 21' 27" E

Actually, I wanted to write something about the current situation regarding Corona here in the Philippines and especially in Palawan.
But then I thought to myself that you would be so littered with the topic from all sides that I don't have to add my point of view this time.
I would rather show you how beautiful the world is, especially in times of stopped tourism.
One part of nature, namely humans, suffers from this travel restriction, but the greater part of nature has the opportunity to recover from the millions and millions of tourists.
At some point this lockdown will come to an end and we can all travel again.
Yes, I can imagine that some of you now think the last sentence is moaning on a high level, but even if it is beautiful here in this part of the world, we are drawn to all the places in the world that we have not yet visited.
Life is too short for lockdowns!