At last!

07. February 2021, Sunday
11° 10' 24" N, 119° 22' 43" E

It's (almost) done!
After weeks and months of waiting and looking for our ordered replacement parts and new parts, the light is finally on the horizon.
Odin is fully navigable again!
Only a few small parts are still missing somewhere, but if we have learned one thing in the last few weeks, it is patience!
Apart from that, we have often found that we could not have chosen a better place for this time when the world stands still.
We read with amazed eyes of a world that has been stopped, people who are more or less incapacitated and locked up.
We recognize that we have no reason to complain and we drink our sundowners with friends or celebrate spontaneous parties on beautiful beaches.
Odin is clear again and this means that we will publish new articles here on this page more often in the future to whet your appetite for the world and we hope for you and us that this lockdown is finally over.