And again ... typhoon alarm

14. November 2020, Saturday
11° 11' 53" N, 119° 20' 20" E

What should i tell you
At the moment we somehow always live with our heads pulled in and our eyes on the current weather developments, because at least once a week a typhoon is raging over the Philippines. Typhoon Ulysses that swept across parts of some of the islands this week has left a lot of damage and desperate people.
Once again we were lucky and only got wind, rain and slightly higher waves for 2 days through its foothills. Ulysses passed us a little further north.

Although we have been in the area around El Nido for some time now, there is always something new to discover and we are always happy that the global state of emergency caught us here of all places. The beauty of nature inspires us again and again, every single island, every beach, every rock formation is unique.
Our tip:
As soon as you are able to travel again, put Palawan at the top of your list of travel destinations. Even if you do not find the islands as untouched and lonely as we are at the moment without any tourism, you will still be amazed.