The most beautiful island in the world!

19. July 2020, Sunday
11° 10' 54" N, 119° 23' 28" E

Now it's official!
According to a vote by the US travel magazine Travel + Leisure, Palawan is the most beautiful island in the world.
There is no question that the island with its snow-white beaches, its bizarre rock formations and impenetrable mountainous primeval forests is one of the top 10 of all dream islands in the world for me, especially at the moment without any tourism.
However, on this trip around the world I have seen so many beautiful islands under the sun that I would never allow myself to make such a judgment.
Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti, Benqua, Niue, Vanua Levu, Fatu Hiva and the whole Marquesas, the Suvarov Atoll, the Toamotus Islands ... and much more, there are simply too many islands in the world that deserve this title, but fortunately have so far been spared from mass tourism.

Palawan with its many surrounding small islands is certainly not the worst choice to let the current global madness pass by here.

We anchor ourselves from island to island, from bay to bay, from beach to beach and try to capture this currently unique situation of deserted places for us and you as far as possible in pictures.

We don't avoid towns and people for fear of Corona because the island is free of it, but simply because we enjoy the exclusivity of loneliness.
Every now and then we have to go to the only place here, to El Nido far and wide to get our supplies.
Such a "civilization day" is today. Let's see what we can get delicious. ;)