Diving Anambas

28. October 2019, Monday
3° 13' 22" N, 106° 20' 51" E

The creatures on planet Earth who built the largest structures are not us humans, the builders are tiny corals. These little animals built structures like the Great Barrier Reef, which can even be seen from the moon. Many reefs have been destroyed by us humans in the last decades, but there are still places where the number of people is limited and the reefs are mostly healthy.

Two thirds of our planet is water, it would be unforgivable to enjoy only the beauty above sea level.
Intact coral gardens are abundant here in the Anambas archipelago and what represents a danger to ships delights every diver and snorkeler.
You know, to be honest, I think watching underwater pictures has the same entertainment value as just looking at the photo of an orchid.
It would be much nicer to hold this orchid in its hands, to see it from all sides, to smell it, to look at it in all variations of the light.
Therefore, these underwater images are not a comparison to reality, to the fascination of this silent world below sea level (all divers among you will agree with me!), But you get a rough idea of ​​the beauty of this nature in which all life on earth once began ,