Bangkok City of angels

07. March 2019, Thursday
13° 43' 53" N, 100° 32' 30" E

Every year, the capital of Thailand counts millions of visitors.
I ask myself why?

Certainly, peoples tastes are different, anyone who is into air pollution, sultry heat, crowds, traffic chaos or tourist rip-off, is just right here.
The positive sides are that you get everything here for enough money, and I mean EVERYTHING.
From dreamlike luxury bars on hotel rooftops to the finest restaurants, with enough money you'd be surprise what the city could offer as fun.

Unfortunately its not the fun we are looking for.
Nevertheless, we had to fly to Bangkok to apply for a longer visa at the Embassy of Malaysia, because it is time for us to leave Thailand.

Uts, my former partner, with whom I sailed the Caribbean for over 6 years, parts of South America and lots of countries and islands of the South Seas, offered us to live with her in the house in Bangkok.
For several years she has build here together with her brother a very successful company. (

Nice to see her again after all these years (since the end of 2015). So much has happened in both of us in the meantime.

Unfortunately, she traveled with her brother Axel and her sister who had come from Germany for a few days in her holiday home in the north.
Well, so it was at least not too tight in the house here, because a little more than 800 square meters of living space are already very tight. ;)
(What a difference to a cramped yacht;)

We let ourselves go in the house, enjoy being pampered by 2 maids, arrogantly avoid the mass tourist spots of the City of Angels and wait until we can pick up our visas and fly back to Phuket to Odin.
(Her swimming pool is bigger!)