Visitor record year 2019

27. February 2019, Wednesday
7° 57' 26" N, 98° 16' 43" E

Well, again, the common annual time with Rudi is unfortunately over.
As always, time flew by way too fast and I always wonder, how can anybody get along with so few vacation weeks a year?
2019 has just started more or less and is already, in the almost 12 years of this trip, the absolute record year .... mind you in February!

Never before has there been so much Franconian visitor on board in such a short time.
Karen & Sarah, Robby, David & Puma, my best friend Rudi and now a buddy from Würzburg party years: Baris!
With him, as well as daughter and mother, we had a wonderful day.

Every visit we were looking forward to and the frequently asked question if I do not miss the homeland, I can only answer: No, why, it is coming here on board. ;)