Christmas time

18. December 2014, Thursday
16° 33' 7" S, 179° 17' 48" E

Well, as you probably know, we are back in the town of Savu Savu on the island of Vanua Levu and have secured a safe spot for the coming cyclone season at a mooring at the luxury Marina Waitui (see photo;) in the town's creek.
Yachts from all over the world are moored here with their crews to also spend the cyclone season here.
Of course, this also means a lot of contacts and a corresponding social life, especially in the run-up to Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas:
It's now my 8th Christmas, far away from the ice and snow on board the Odin and it still feels strange to see cheap plastic fir trees and Christmas decorations in the shops. In addition, the usual well-worn Christmas carols from blaring, overdriven loudspeakers. The thermometer shows 30 degrees and everyone who moves sweats!
How is that supposed to get into the Christmas spirit?
Hmmmm..... maybe it would help to bake Christmas cookies on board???
The temperatures below deck rise to 35 degrees with the hot oven!
Uts kneads, bakes and sweats, I'm allowed to cut out shapes, but there's no trace of pre-Christmas feelings!

But it's undoubtedly Christmas and that's the celebration of love here in the South Seas too, and there's time to collect donations.
So we yachties are asked if we don't want to contribute to a cultural evening.
Sounds good, especially since cultural life here, apart from the many churches and sects, is usually as good as non-existent.
In the Planters Club, an old club from the colonial times, an event with South Sea dances is to take place.
On the topic of dancing, there are some courageous girls from the sailing scene, a colorful mix from Italy, Sweden, the USA, England and Germany, who are willing to change into South Sea ballerinas for a good cause. Clothes are made at your own expense and you practice diligently every day.
To make it short:
It certainly wasn't the Bolshoi Ballet, but the girls did a great job, it was a lot of fun and money for a good cause....of course for the church :(
However, it was indeed a cultural highlight in Savusavu.
Must be... just before Christmas ;)