German criminals

24. November 2014, Monday
17° 39' 53" S, 178° 48' 48" E

After our SERIOUS CRIMINAL behavior upon re-entering Fiji,
we were held for days in the busy port of Levuka by the authorities.
Waves coming over the reef with the east wind gave us sleepless and restless nights on board, but still better than jail.
By now I had such pronounced eye rims and bags under my eyes that even Chief Inspector Derrick or Paul Kuhn would have turned green with envy.
Officials around the world are equally humorless, but things are different in Fiji.
Because most of the other civil servants here are sorry that our Indian criminal Ghandi started all this stress.
Somehow they even seem embarrassed about the situation.

On the second day, the police chief of the island came to us and invited us to a tour of the island in Levuka's only police car.
Once completely around the island and let it shake well on the pothole slopes,
picking fruits and vegetables on the way, getting to know the most beautiful spots of Ovalau
and on the way a small arrest, in a village, because of a marital quarrel the day before....this is our beloved Fiji. Everything Bula!
Although Levuka is the old capital of Fiji, in the past all hell must have broken loose here with sailors from all over the world. Today, however, the dog is buried in this sleepy town.
Except on Friday evening!
Then the only DISCO has opened far and wide and for the international flair
there's even an old, unlit, dented mirror ball on the corrugated iron ceiling. (How awesome is that?!;)
We got the tip from the service crew for a local ferry.
All of the gentlemen on the wait staff to put it...princesses in the wrong body.
Wonderful, a cage full of fools ;)

Well dear ones, to make it short;
we received permission the day before yesterday to move to a quieter anchorage and the day after permission to sail in the direction of Savu Savu.
There we have to report to the customs office and wait for the decision in Suva.
It remains exciting!