tourist life

19. October 2014, Sunday
17° 7' 30" S, 177° 13' 53" E

At the moment we are quite touristy on the way.
Actually, we wanted to be on our way to Wallis and Futuna for a long time.
Instead we are still hanging out on the tourist stronghold of the Mamanuca group, the island of Malolo Lailai. Our weather window, which should blow us to the north-east, has moved on and we are once again waiting for the right wind.
It does not matter!
It's also nice to enjoy the achievements of the tourism industry.
We also met Georg and Sandra here, two Viennese people we know from the San Blas Islands off Panama. They took charter guests there with their yacht Cool Runnings and after all these years have finally found their way to the South Seas.
Of course there's a lot to gossip about, because the worldwide cruising scene is like a big family, where there's something to tell about everyone. good and bad. As is customary in a family ;)