shit happens

14. October 2014, Tuesday
18° 2' 9" S, 177° 16' 52" E

Holy shit!
Such a crap!
This is just unreal!
But first things first:
After we had been lazing around in the Mamanuca group, the tourist west side of the Fiji archipelago, for weeks, we now wanted to head towards Wallis in order to return to Fiji with a new visa.
Everything was prepared, the ship was provisioned when we left our sheltered anchorage early in the morning with the engine under the engine.
Suddenly overheating alarm from the diesel.
Zack, I was in the engine compartment and there gabs ne big mess. Everywhere rusty water dripped from the walls and appliances.
Shit, shit, shit!
Of course the broth was boiling hot. So turn off the engine and start troubleshooting.
Not so easy when it drips everywhere.
In the swell of the open sea, the standing ship rocked so badly that it was impossible to work in the hot engine room without burning yourself. So fill up the cooling circuit with water and back into the bay, damage analysis!
The reason for the mess was the thermostat housing which was corroded in one place.
Now get yourself a spare part for a Perkins Prima M50 boat diesel in the middle of the South Seas
There is nothing to pull over and call the ADAC. In short, it was time to improvise again.
Expand, examine and consider everything. (You can't be spared that, even as a former technical complete idiot ;)
The good thing about years of sailing in remote areas is that you discover and develop your McGiver skills.
We took the bus to Nadi, one of the larger cities in Fiji, where there are also some shops that sell cheap car parts.
Of course we didn't get our part, but metal epoxy. This managed to repair the damage.
Well, my dears: this is also part of the cruising sail. Be sure, the next challenge is waiting.