A paradise under water all for us

19. February 2014, Wednesday
17° 2' 15" S, 179° 0' 57" E

Somehow the weather god means well with us and we continue to lie in the name of the reef, without the beautiful weather and the light wind changing, despite the rainy season.
The crews of all three ships complement each other well and since the distances within the reef from dive spot to dive spot are too far for our dinghies and the weight of the equipment, the smallest of the yachts, with the least draft, was determined as a dive boat.
From the shrouds, from the elevated position, coral heads can best be seen, which can cause considerable damage to a ship if it rams into it.
When we come back to the anchorage in the evening, sit together with a few beers and review the day, we are as happy as Anita and Roy Black were: