2. February 2014, Sunday
16° 46' 37" S, 179° 20' 9" E

As you probably know, a tropical depression is not a state of mind with suicidal thoughts, but a weather phenomenon, with lots of rain and storms, like a small cyclone.
Last week such a depression swept across Fiji, shaking the palm nuts from the trees.
Although Odin was wonderfully protected in the Savusavu Marina, there were still some scratches in the hull from large floating objects that had broken loose somewhere.
However, nothing is a problem compared to when your own yacht itself becomes a floating object.
An Australian yacht had its mooring lines snapped at the buoy and was grounded across the anchorage.
Lucky in misfortune for the owner, because she just ended up in the managrove mud, lay sadly on her side for two days until the tide was so high that the ship was pulled out of the mud again with the help of some other sailors, fishermen and boats with powerful outboards could become.
Wonderful harbor cinema!!!! ;)
When we came back to the harbor from the rescue operation, we could hardly believe our eyes.
A huge cruise ship suddenly anchored off Savusavu and flooded this sleepy little town with thousands of old, fat, noisy Australian and American tourists.
More tourists than the town has residents.....ne, we don't have to admit that.
Off to the dinghy and out to the reef for snorkeling, luckily the nightmare was over in the evening and Savusavu is dreaming his tropical Sleeping Beauty sleep again.