Only 6 days Fiji

14. January 2014, Tuesday
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Someone must be pretty crazy to make the long journey to the South Seas and then only stay six days.
I know a lot of crazy ones ;)
Sasha is one of them.
I was very happy to see my old friend and mate after a very long time.

Although it had been more than ten years since our last meeting, from the start of his visit it seemed as if it had only been a few weeks.
Of course there was a lot to tell after such a long time.
Memories of common capers were exchanged, a lot of laughing (and drinking) and Sascha was able to get a little picture of the world I live in in this week that has passed much too quickly, which is so different from the one in which we are got to know each other in the last millennium.

Well what can I say...... he seems inspired ;)