Fijian Christmas

25. December 2013, Wednesday
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So, that's done:
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are behind me.
I celebrated Christmas Eve in a nice and somewhat civilized way with friends in one of Savusavu's better restaurants. Except for the temperatures, almost everything like at home, even the big head the next day ;)
A few days earlier, I had met David, from the Suvarov sailing yacht, two boys from a small town in the mountains, who had invited us to their village for Christmas Day to celebrate Christmas with them.
This morning they were on the mat to pick us up.
I am always amazed and ashamed at the same time by the hospitality of the Fijians.
It's hard for me to put into words what I keep feeling with so much warmth.
I'll say it like this:
I'm just glad and happy to be able to lead such a life... not only at Christmas.