key experience

20. December 2013, Friday
16° 25' 50" S, 179° 21' 16" E

Everyone has one or more key experiences in their life.
I just had one again, because I broke off a key!

Ha, I can imagine what you're thinking, just have it copied. Goods
But, that's not so easy here, because there isn't a single key maker in all of Savusavu.
However, there is said to be a general store in the capital of the island of Vanua Levu, Labasa, which does this on the side. Great!
With the bus it's only a stone's throw from 10 hours drive, there and back and if I'm lucky, he also has the right blank for the key.
The drive through the mountains of Vanua Levus is fantastic.
The old bus crawls up the steep streets at a leisurely pace, but on the other side the bus driver falls like a kamikaze down the valley, whoever brakes loses! (Does the bus even have brakes??? )
With almost 40 degrees inside the vehicle and the brute engine noise, it almost doesn't matter, you're so busy sweating.
Then finally, Labasa!
This city is like little India or little Pakistan in the middle of the Pacific.
Although most Indians have lived here for many generations, they have retained their culture.
Veiled women, caftan-wearing men show that there are just as many Muslims here as Hindus. However, the Hindi men dress in western style and the women wear saris with the dot on the forehead.
In between, all the other Christian sects, mostly from the USA, who incite their missionaries on the few Fijians who live here in Labasa.
Of course, every shop here, whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian, is decorated with Santa Claus and all that plastic Christmas tree kitsch, Made in China
And while in the rest of the world, Muslims, Hindus and Christians hit each other's heads, a peaceful coexistence works here. (Maybe it's just too hot to argue ;)
Back to the key experience:
Somewhere in the market I find hidden the only general store that can also copy keys, only... the blanks are too short, but improvisation is a big thing here and so it worked out.
And after the subsequent 5-hour drive back, it still fit. It's that easy here! Yay!