sad sight

14. December 2013, Saturday
16° 46' 40" S, 179° 19' 54" E

An old broken forgotten car is an old broken forgotten car.
Scrap, nothing more!
But a forgotten or disused sailing ship has a completely different fascination.
It seems to tell stories from distant countries, journeys, adventures and destinies.

Here in the creek of Copra Shed Marina in Savusavu, some yachts have been lying forgotten and abandoned at moorings for years.
I often wonder what lies behind the fate of the once proud sailors now rotting away in Fiji's tropical climate?
When you ask questions, you get a wide variety of answers.
From the crewless ship allegedly found at sea, to the skipper having a heart attack, to being confiscated by the authorities for drug dealing, to the simple fact that the crew ran out of money, it's all there.
It doesn't really matter whether the stories are true or not.
It's just a pity that these ships, which once brought their owners and their crew safely across the world's seas, now probably here, should nobody be interested in them in the near future, have found their final end.