South Sea Catholics

16. October 2013, Wednesday
14° 20' 38" S, 178° 2' 29" W

What did I just write in the last log entry...?
Yeah right!
50 percent literacy, but on the other hand 110 percent religiosity.
There are hardly any schools here on Futuna, but there are a huge number of Catholic churches.
Should you ever travel to the South Seas, as a foreigner you will not be able to avoid attending many church services, regardless of which denomination. (Even as atheists not ;)
Since the Catholic Church in particular has almost more saints than the Hindu gods, there are of course many reasons to pay homage to these people.
In Ono stands the chapel in honor of Saint Teresa.
We don't know what kind of tricks the good woman accomplished during her lifetime.
But it must have had something to do with pigs.
On the morning before Mass, dozens of slaughtered pigs are kept in front of the chapel, some of which have already been prepared in the traditional earth oven. Most not for eating, but only for decoration!
Then fair. Beautiful South Sea songs and the usual Catholic Primbaborium, just a little more exotic.
We, as the only foreigners on the island, were not invited, but since we were already there, we were made guests of honor because of the South Sea hospitality, were given fragrant wreaths of flowers, had to participate in the meal and we were even given a whole Sow for free.
When I think now how modest our menu was often in Kadavu....